A Photo of Leslie Wagner in reflection via camera lens
a photo headshot of Leslie Wagner
Leslie Wagner is an award winning freelance Art Director based in Yarmouth, Maine. You will most likely recognize her work on the pages of the L.L.Bean Catalog.

Leslie captures those candid moments and unstudied environments that elevate good photography to unforgettable imagery. She crafts each shot with a keen eye and a clear vision of her goal. Her success stems from an unrelenting commitment to the product and client, plus a willingness to become intrinsically involved with product developers, marketing managers, and copywriters.

Leslie's Art Direction is a proven way to elevate creative while enhancing profit margins. She is available for short and long term assignments. Contact Leslie to discuss your creative goals.

Go here to download Leslie's résumé Here's a snapshot view of a variety of photo shoots,
catalog spreads & a collection of printed covers.
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