A Photo of Leslie Wagner on location
One of my great passions involves capturing life's most treasured moments from a more photojournalist, editorial perspective. The end result is a lasting documentation of your
special time.

My approach is genuinely friendly and unobtrusive. Not formal or scripted. I look for the bond you have with nature, kids and friends, that unconditional love for a family pet or the pride of a great hunting dog. As I do when documenting hunting or fishing scenarios, I blend quietly into the environment of the event without causing a ripple of interference.

There are so many moments that capture the essence of an event. Some are expected, others happen spontaneously. I use my artistic experience and keen eye to chronicle these moments and create a lasting keepsake.

Ideas include: family moments like reunions, weddings, or birthdays, hobbies and interests such as hunting or fishing excursions, sporting events, business gatherings, concerts or even your favorite car rally. Preserving the memory for you would be my privilege.